The Best Ways To Protect Yourself From The Sun This Summer

Protecting yourself from the sun is important at all times and even more so on vacations where we want to spend a lot of time outdoors in different activities. This is why we bring you the most important tips to protect yourself from the sun and its consequences.

The care must be more rigorous in the elderly, especially for those who are in assisted living in Rosarito Mexico, where there are beaches and therefore more possibilities of exposure to the sun. As they receive these types of services they should receive dental services such as dental implants in Tijuana, in order to ensure their well being. 

Just hours and time

You should stay away from the sun between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, because in this period of time is when the sun’s rays are found with the greatest strength, which can damage your skin.

If you want to get a tan, the best time will be between 9 and 10:30 am. While exposing yourself to the sun, you should stay hydrated, preferably with non-citrus drinks. 

Try not to spend too much time in the Sun’s Ray. In case it is absolutely necessary, try to use wide-brimmed hats that will protect your face at least from the direct rays of the sun, and at the same time cover your head from excessive heat. 

Maintain good hydration

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun this summer is to maintain adequate hydration, this will avoid heat strokes that are usually very harmful for all people and even animals, so if you have your pet in the vacation days or go for a walk with her also be careful to keep her hydrated.

Use Sunscreens

are specially numbered the higher the number the greater the protection it offers you. in general they go from SPF 10 to 50, depending on your skin type you should use one or the other. The layer in which you apply the sunscreen should be approximately 2 mg x cm2, which indicates that it is not necessary to apply it in such abundance that your face is white.

You can even use spray sunscreen that is also easily absorbed and does not leave traces, very suitable to protect yourself if you work in open spaces and if you do not want to be noticed that you use it.

You should apply sunscreen to completely dry skin thirty minutes before going out in the sun and repeat the procedure every four hours. 

Wear a T-shirt

If you have sensitive shoulders, you should use a T-shirt, preferably in light colors, this way you will avoid that annoying burning sensation on the shoulders, which is generally quite painful.

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So come with us and enjoy the sun this summer with all the joy that implies and without fear for your health.