Myths About Using Procedures To Look Better

Today surgical procedures are very fashionable to look better, but as his mother has grown, numerous urban legends have been woven around them, also increased by the false news circulating on the network, which gives rise to a large amount of disinformation.

We have brought you the most common myths about using procedures to look better and we will help you solve some of your doubts.

The procedures to look better are only for women

. Not really. More and more men are undergoing these types of interventions to reduce the size of the abdominal and waist areas and even also breast reduction. In addition, facial surgery has also been used for wrinkle reduction.

These types of procedures are not for a single gender, so if you are a man you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery, you can consult your doctor to project what the results will be.

Liposuction Slim Down Forever

Unfortunately the answer is no. This is one of the greatest myths about using procedures to look better, although we would like another answer, the reality is that liposuction helps to reduce localized fat in the abdomen, back, hips and thighs, but the results are not lasting, For this you must have a specific diet accompanied by exercise. 

Surgery is cheaper abroad. 

Although in many cases it is advisable to perform it in your country of residence, weight loss surgery is highly recommended, basically, because it is inexpensive but they also take good care of you and the follow-up of the doctors gives you more confidence in the procedure. 

Procedures are addictive.

Cosmetic not necessarily, although cosmetic surgery in Tijuana is an excellent procedure, you will not necessarily be addicted. In fact, only 14% of people in the world perform more than three cosmetic surgeries in their life, so it all depends on the patient’s way of thinking and, of course, on their finances.

Cosmetic surgeries have no risks

False. Every surgical procedure is risky. Among the myths about using procedures to look better this has had fatal consequences. Not like a cosmetic dentistry procedure as dental braces Tijuana

Every surgical procedure is risky. Keep in mind that it depends on your health, if you have a good scar, your attached diseases and much more, so they can really create serious difficulties, therefore, you must have specialized personnel and go to a legal clinic. 

These procedures cannot be done anywhere. Cosmetic surgery procedures are not cheap, so put yourself in the hands of certified surgeons because it is your life and health that is at risk.

Although the greatest myths about using procedures to look better are many, we hope to have solved the most constant ones. Remember that these procedures should only be performed on people of legal age.