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Haye Festival

BOOKS AND ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE. On Friday 31st of May I was at the Hay literacy festival reading one of the… + Read More

Beer, sport, Tea and a holiday by the sea.

October 2012   Whilst looking at my calendar for the past month I suddenly thought, “woh, I haven’t been at… + Read More

Triathlon Day Diary

London Triathlon The day went so quickly and looking back I can see why. The Triathlon was taking place at… + Read More

Golfing, Wedding and JopWorlding

September 2012 This month went probably quicker than any other I can remember. On the 3rd of the month I… + Read More

Virgin Triathlon Diary #6

Race day tomorrow.  I had my last training session on Monday. It was a swim at the gym 35 lengths… + Read More

Virgin Triathlon Diary #5

Today (Saturday) was my last training session with Conor as he’s off on his holidays from tomorrow. The session started… + Read More

DB9s and Festivals

I’ve been able to get up to some fun things this month. A couple of highlights were: On the 2nd… + Read More

Virgin Triathlon Diary #4

Success, the bike arrived yesterday at the gym, I’ve been out on it twice so far and come off it… + Read More

Virgin Triathlon Diary #3

Since my Achilles has not been getting better, my trainer, Conor and I have decided the best thing to do… + Read More

Virgin Triathlon Diary #2

This week has been fairly annoying. For most of the week I’ve been spending time in the pool doing 36… + Read More