Skin Care in Older Adults

Just as young people and adults take care of their skin so that they do not suffer from dryness or any other damage, it is essential that the elderly also take care so that their skin doesn’t hurt, mainly in cold seasons. Older adults, as their bodies are more deficient, it is normal for them to have skin damage. Still, specific processes must be carried out so that there is no more damage, especially to the skin.

In times of low temperature is when more damage suffers the skin of the adult, mainly because it is no longer able to store the same amount of water as when he was young. This can lead to skin rashes, bleeding wounds, infections, inflammation, itching, among other conditions. That is why it is so vital that there is specialized care in the skin and that the places of assisted living Mexico are aware of this.

What care is needed?

Remember that the skin of the elderly is fragile, so the methods to be used must be suitable and following the skin of the elderly.


If you want to keep your body hydrated, there needs to be enough water, so the older adult must drink the required amount of this liquid. This to help not only the skin but also the internal organs. Although older adults are not thirsty, it is essential that you still stay hydrated so that there is no damage to the different organs or the skin.


It is recommended that the skin of older adults be hydrated with specialized products to maintain hydration. In the market, there are many products and presentations, but it is advisable to be those with a gel format. This product should be used after bathing when the skin pores are open. It should be placed mainly in those areas that present more significant dryness.


It doesn’t matter if it is cold or cloudy, it is necessary that if the person is going to be outdoors is protected with a sunscreen. This will allow there to be no skin burns and no sun-related illnesses, such as skin cancer.

Lip balm

Dryness can also occur in the lip area, so it is important to take care of this area as well. Balm can be used to prevent dry lips due to cold.


A humidifier can be used to keep the skin hydrated in the environment so that the skin is not as dry. This device can be placed in the room of the older adult.

Healthy Eating

A diet rich in nutrients will help the elderly feel energetic; this will be reflected in the state of the skin and the functioning of the organs. It is important that within the diet of the elderly, there is a considerable consumption of fruits, vegetables, bluefish, among other things.

Avoid a lot of time in bed

Because there is not as much activity, there is a high chance that you will have skin ulcers because of the pressure your body puts on the skin. That’s why the older adult doesn’t need to spend as much time in bed. If this is not possible, activities should be done so that the skin does not feel so pressured.