Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy tuck in Tijuana surgery has become one of the most requested surgical procedures in society, where men and women undergo this operation to achieve the body they have longed for. But for the results to last, the patient must take into account the following considerations:

Surgeon’s recommendations

After the entire surgical procedure has passed, the patient needs to be in contact with the surgeon because, at the end of the anesthesia period, the person may have severe pain in the abdominal area. To avoid this, the surgeon will recommend the intake of a particular medication, but the communication between the doctor and the patient must be more optimal. On the other hand, the surgeon will recommend some things that should be done for fast and effective healing, and things that should be avoided so that the patient does not present significant problems. 

Wearing the right clothes

Since the abdominal area was worked on, it is normal that after the surgery, there are the beginnings of inflammation, so that this inflammation does not expand, the patient must wear compression garments. The patient should make sure that these are medical garments since other types of compression will not work. By wearing the right clothing, the patient’s body will be able to lower its swelling levels, as well as improve or disappear the bruises caused by the manipulation.

Avoiding major stress

Since this is an operation, the person should avoid those activities that involve more significant effort. This is so that the organism does not suffer any damage when carrying out this activity. If a patient who underwent this surgery makes a considerable effort, it can damage the wound healing, which will be reflected in a large scar, thus giving the final result. Usually, surgeons recommend that for the first two weeks, no strenuous activity be performed. After waiting for two months, the person will be able to return to his or her daily activities.

Protecting the area from injury

Since it is a surgery, it is regular that there is scarring in the area where the operation was performed. Therefore, surgeons recommend that the area is always monitored to avoid possible damage to the healing. Likewise, contact with cigarettes should be avoided, since they cause a direct and negative impact on the body, thus preventing early healing. At first, the area will look red, but it’s only a matter of time before the skin color returns to normal. Your surgeon may recommend the use of medication in the form of a cream, gel, or paste that allows the scar to lose its relief and look as even as possible.

Help from a psychologist

Many times, the patient will need specialized assistance to get used to the changes, and many people leave this paint and have damage to their self-esteem. Since this is a radical change, it is better to have a specialist who can help people feel comfortable with the significant shift that their body has undergone. If this aspect is not taken into account, the person will disown the procedure. Having the help of a psychologist does not mean that the person has problems, but that the patient is comfortable with himself.