Having Bad Breath

Having bad breath is not only a matter of insecurity for many, but it can be an effect of some disease of which we are not aware. It is important that, in the presence of bad breath, we go to the dentist in Tijuana to know if it can be treated with basic procedures, or it is necessary to perform tests to see the reason why this effect exists.

First of all, we must make it clear that we can all, at some point, come to have bad breath, but if it is frequently present, it may be due to some degree of halitosis that will need to be treated. People with halitosis usually resort to products that help them to moderate the odor that is caused. Still, despite regularly consuming these products, it is difficult for them to eradicate the problem.

Although it is usually a severe effect, it can indeed harm the person, especially when relating to others, so it is essential to go to a dentist so that the reason for this disorder can be determined. The diagnosis is often complicated because many times, the same patient is not aware of the presence of halitosis, so he does not go to a specialist to treat the problem. Many times it is necessary for the dentist to go to the opinions of the people with whom the patient is related to know if it is only a mental question or if it is halitosis.

Although many believe it is the result of poor hygiene, it is not always so. Infections can cause it in the oral cavity, so the patient should be aware of the health of his mouth. People must carry out correct hygiene, to be able to remove the excess of bacterial plaque that is produced due to the presence of food. Remember that bacterial plaque, if not eliminated correctly, can be deposited in areas of the teeth, generating tartar or significant problems with the gums and teeth.

Our diet can also be a factor for which there is halitosis. People who are on diets where there is a considerable decrease in carbohydrates or where there is fasting are exposed to bad breath. This is because chemicals are produced that cause the odor.

Another reason a person may have bad breath may be due to an altered pH. Certain foods can modify our PH, such as citrus, so if you consume this type of food, it is necessary that individuals, after consuming them, wait 20 minutes and then wash their teeth. This will help to stabilize the PH.

For women, menstruation may also be a factor. Mainly because of the hormonal changes that occur during this period. Frequently, the increase in estrogen can cause women to have changes in their odor, so it is common that at this stage is present this problem.

Low saliva is another reason why there may be halitosis. The function of saliva is to clean the oral cavity by eliminating the excessive accumulation of bacteria, so if there is little saliva, there is likely to be bad breath. That’s why in the morning, we wake up with a very different smell.