Do you want to travel economically?

Traveling economically can be an excellent alternative for those who want to make a trip, but do not have as much economy. This type of travel is characterized by using all possible resources to save, such as staying in hostels, not eating in expensive restaurants, and moving from city to city by public transport. In this article, we want to give you some tips and recommendations that are important to consider when making this kind of trip. Let’s start.

Economic travel?

It’s not complicated to understand what it is, and it’s a type of travel and, for many, a lifestyle. This style of travel gives people freedom, fun, adrenaline, independence, and constant challenges because you do not always have planned activities or places to stay. In this type of trip, the person will be forced to make daily decisions, focus on managing their money correctly so that they can subsist in all their stay and finally will need to learn to move only in the place they are going to visit. Or to make contact with those who live near the place where they are staying, so that they can guide and advise them.

Many individuals take these types of trips because they are where the best memories and experiences are created. A large percentage of people tend to travel alone to places unknown to them; this helps them stay in touch with themselves and appreciate every moment they live. Although it is a challenge full of adventure, you must always go prepared for what is essential:

Correct backpack

This tool is the most important, so it is essential to choose a comfortable backpack that allows you mobility. It is common for backpackers to use so-called “travel or camping backpacks” as they are perfect for carrying, documenting, and storing things. This backpack must be of good quality and resistant to weight, water, and other factors. If the wrong one is chosen, it can cause back damage or break, to the point of being useless and ruining your trip.

When buying this tool, you must consider the material it is made of, the amount of weight it supports, the comfort it provides, and its size. As for the last point, the backpack should be according to the person’s height, so it is easier to move.

Necessary equipment

You should bring different things for each destination, but you should take into account that you need to bring only what you will need, no more and no less. That is why we recommend that you investigate the weather before you travel to take your idea of clothes with you. One of the essential elements is shoes, so choose those that are comfortable. Remember that the products do not have to exceed 100 ml, mainly if you travel by plane.

Take care of money.

People must adapt to their budget, avoiding unnecessary expenses. For this, you can choose to eat in cheap places, stay in hostels and use local transport to get around. If necessary, you can write down your expenses in a notebook to keep all the costs in mind.

Stay near important areas

People must stay in strategic areas, where they can have easy access to centers or supermarkets, banks, or medical health areas, mainly if an accident occurs, requiring immediate intervention. For example, in the city of Tijuana, many people tend to stay in the downtown area since it has everything. It is possible to undergo treatments such as root canal in Tijuana if needed.


Here we mean that it is essential that you can have contact with the local people of the place you are going to visit. This allows the locals to advise you about food, accommodation, and areas to avoid.