Where To Stay In San Diego

When we travel to San Diego, there are many things we need to take into account, such as food, the activities we are going to do, airplane tickets, transportation, and lodging. And lodging is one of the things you can struggle with the most, mainly because if we don’t know San Diego, we won’t know which areas are the most indicated according to our plans. To save you the constant doubt about your stay, we will recommend some areas where you can stay.

San Diego is one of the largest and most important cities in the United States, so it’s a place that offers endless activities. In the town, we can find the best spaces for tourists, such as Balboa Park, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, among other areas of culture and art. Because it is a region that is usually at a pleasant temperature, not exceeding 25°C, it is an excellent destination to take a holiday in the company of family, friends, partner, or alone.

Mission Beach

Located right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, this area is ideal for those who like to enjoy nature and beaches. Mission Beach has been part of cinematographic scenes that capture the essence of a Californian lifestyle, making it a trendy beach. This space offers many points of entertainment and fun, such as Giant Dipper or one of the most famous parks in the world, SeaWorld. 

The gastronomy that offers this area is not left behind and is that its great variety of restaurants and street food, delight the palate of anyone. So it should be consumed in one of the many restaurants or street stalls found in Mission Beach. 

So if you’re staying in this area, don’t forget to visit Belmont Park, the beaches, SeaWorld, the bars and restaurants.

Downtown San Diego

Another of San Diego’s most popular areas in Downtown. This area is divided into different districts, so many activities can be done. You will find attractions such as shops, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants. Inside this space, we will be able to enjoy the architecture, of diverse museums, parks like Balboa or the Zoo.

If you wish to stay in this area, remember that you will be able to enjoy the nightlife, a great variety of hotels, parks and entertainment centers and transportation facilities.


Located just south of San Diego, it is a trendy area among the LGBT community because of the annual gay pride march. Hillcrest is very close to Balboa Park, North Park, and South Park. Here you will find a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, fashion, and cafes, making it an ideal space for those traveling alone or with friends.

If you want to enjoy festivals, here at Hillcrest is CityFest, which is a festival of street food and craft beer. In this space, you can be sure that it is an LGBT Friendly environment, festivals, and various events. As well as areas for food and drink. Once you have finished your stay in a beautiful city, you can look for companies that offer the service of San Diego airport transportation, this if you come from places far from the city. As for lodging, there are many hotels in these three recommended areas, adapted to everyone’s economy. So don’t think twice and don’t hesitate to visit San Diego.