Abdominoplasty Benefits

This type of surgery we know will focus on removing the excess skin that has remained after a significant weight loss. This tummy tuck Tijuana procedure tightens the muscles around the stomach so that there is a better physical appearance in the person. Since the purpose of this surgical intervention is to give the abdominal area a better impression, that is, to make it look more toned and flat. Many people wish to undergo this type of surgery so that there are no skin excesses, mainly in women who recently had a pregnancy.


Multiple benefits can be obtained after this type of surgery, leaving aside the removal of excess skin, this operation can provide numerous advantages to certain conditions that the person may have, as they are:

Abdominal hernia: This problem occurs when there is a tear in the abdominal wall, coming from the same intestinal tissue or intestine. This fissure causes a pouch to, which may be due to weakness in this area, massive weight loss, or a cesarean section. This surgery can correct pain caused by hernias, so there is no longer constant pressure on the skin.

Incontinence: This is a problem that arises when there is a lot of pressure in the bladder and urethra area. This causes constant pressure to generate efforts, and this disease appears. These leaks are not controlled, so any action such as coughing or exercising can cause the person to suffer an accident. Recently, it has been shown that abdominoplasty can help patients suffering from this problem, reducing the chances of an accident.

Back pain: After a weight loss or pregnancy, it is normal for people to experience back pain as a result of the weakening of the stomach muscles, generating even more weight in the back. It is essential that, if the individual has these discomforts, he or she undergoes an abdominoplasty to alleviate the pain caused in the back.

Improve posture: After a patient undergoes an abdominoplasty, it is normal that the position of his body changes because there are no pains in the back, and the muscles are now tense. This causes the spine to accommodate the natural posture.

It is essential that before deciding on this type of surgery, the person is advised well with a doctor specializing in the subject so that he can choose whether this type of intervention is the most appropriate. Also, consultation with a surgeon is beneficial, mainly so that the person is aware of the preparation, the risks that may be in operation, the recovery, and the results that can be obtained.

After the person undergoes such surgery, it is normal that not only do they have body changes but also psychological changes, so it is recommended that the patient is in contact with the help of a psychologist. Also, the lifestyle changes since an operation must require a lot of attention to have good results, so people should have a balanced diet and exercise regularly so that there are no problems in the process.