How To Stop Hereditary Diseases?

When a pattern of illness emerges in a family in which several relatives are prone to those conditions that damage the family’s health, special care is needed to prevent health problems from recurring.

Heart problems

But in order to know how likely an individual is to have a heart problem, research needs to be done about the heart diseases that run in the family. In this way, something can be done to break these disease patterns.

If within the research we notice that there are relatives who present problems of high cholesterol and, therefore, of hypertension. It is important to take care of those products that can alter the organism and produce an increase in the levels of cholesterol in the blood, such as sausages, excessive consumption of red meat, tobacco, alcohol, among other foods.

Just as nutrition is essential, it is important that there be plenty of physical activity so that the heart can be exercised. It is clear that people with heart problems must lead a life with a lot of care.


Unfortunately, it is common for many people to have this disease today, so there are usually family members who have it. In order to avoid the risk of being prone to develop it, it is important that people stay away from all those products such as maltose, saccharose, glucose, among others. Also, pay close attention to how much sugar you eat in a day. One of the things to avoid at all costs is obesity since individuals with this disease are much more likely to develop diabetes.

Let’s remember that diabetes is not only a generator of diseases but also of damage to appearance. In fact, dentist in Tijuana mention that diabetes is a generator of periodontal problems which can cause the loss of teeth. In order to avoid all diseases generated by diabetes, it is necessary to have a balanced diet and a more active life through constant exercise.


Since people in Mexico are very fond of spicy food, it is evident that it presents very strong problems of gastritis. Therefore, if there are several individuals within the family with this problem, it is necessary to take care of themselves so that this disease does not continue to evolve. To do this, it is necessary that there is no excessive consumption of spicy or very spicy foods because they can irritate the stomach which will cause more acid which, in the future, can cause more serious problems than gastritis.

Many of the diseases, although they may be hereditary, can be slowed down so that they do not get worse over the years. That is why three key factors to stop the damage or the presence of any of these diseases that occur in the family, is the food, exercise, and advice. A diet based on junk food generates illnesses which can be life-long. On the other hand, a healthy diet can improve symptoms and prevent the growth of conditions. Exercise is a fundamental part of the body, so it is important that people are active at all times. Finally, but not less important, the advice of experts will allow to take a healthier life since they will be who will help that these diseases do not continue spreading for the whole genealogical tree.