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Hi there I’m Oliver Phelps!


Born in the lovely West Midlands, England back in 1986 along with my twin brother James. We lived a very normal childhood, until one day in June 2000 we heard that Warner Brother were holding a open audition for the new Harry Potter film (Philosophers Stone). We travelled to Leeds, with Mum and Dad. After a few more auditions later we were cast as Fred and George Weasley and life ‘as we knew it’ was changed forever.

As well as acting, one of my biggest passions is sport. I support Aston Villa FC (football), Gloucester RFC (Rugby) and Warwickshire (cricket). There is a bit of rivalry with James and I in that he supports Birmingham City FC who are Villa’s biggest rivals. Come the time when the two sides play each other a lot of banter starts up!

Contrary to some people’s belief I can’t read my brothers thoughts or feel something if he was to stub his toe!

I support a few different charities: Help Harry Help Others, RNLI, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

I really enjoy traveling – the whole experience of it, the journey, the sights the new cultures, all of it. In the last year I’ve racked up over 67 flights; some were on the promotional tour with Harry Potter, others were trips away with my mates.

You can read all about my travels in the JOP Global section of the Member’s area, as well as listen to Spotify playlists of the music I was listening to in each place on my JOP headphones; you can even grab a pair of headphones for yourself from the Kit Bag.

Welcome to JOP World!